Argano is the decentralized protocol for yield generation, portfolio management, and full-featured DEX trading

"Glory is in the hands of labor"

— Leonardo da Vinci




AGO is the native DAO token of the Argano ecosystem, built on the ERC-20 standard and supported on the Polygon sidechain. AGO is designed to incentivize community members to participate in the liquidity mining program and the ecosystem development through governance voting.

Staking synthetic tokens

Earn passive income with the high APR by providing your minted BTC and USD pegged assets with little to no impermanent loss risks.

Liquidity mining program

Yield generation has never been so simple. Become a liquidity provider to earn trading fees by ensuring asset swapping. Get rewarded with the Argano DAO token.

Leveraged synthetic tokens' trading

Argano DEX makes it possible to discover decentralized cryptocurrency trading using professional tools. Increase your position size without using the whole capital. Borrow funds directly on the Argano exchange and forget about any KYC check-ups.

Portfolio management

Everything in one place:

  • On-chain activity
  • Profit & loss analytics
  • Trading activity
  • The portfolio performance historical data
  • Active pools and pending rewards

Argano DEX

The full-featured trading platform with limitless opportunities:

  • No time-consuming KYC procedures
  • Minimal offers slippage
  • Tokenized synthetic assets trading
  • Multifunctional funds’ management system powered by trading instruments
  • An expanded trading system with the ability to place orders of any type


Beka Kharebava
CEO and Business development
Professional trader and financial analyst, Founder of the Russian-speaking crypto community "EASY CRYPTS". Advisor of the worldwide popular cryptocurrency exchanges Binance and EXMO.
Head of Delivery
An expert in the DeFi market with 2+ years of experience. Mid-term crypto investor. Market researcher, on-chain analyst, and financial advisor. Responsible for the development management, project management, and the creation of the economical logic.
Vladyslav Chupovskiy
Tech Lead
Responsible for technical logic of the protocol including the front-end and back-end parts. Has years of experience in developing smart contracts on Ethereum, BSC, and Polygon. Previously worked on developing dApps based on React.js and Web3.js.
Sulkhan Inaishvili
DevOps Engineer
A professional full of passion for software development and especially for web applications. Responsible for developing complex, scalable, testable, and high-quality web applications with clean architecture and a fully automated continuous delivery manner.
George Butatti
Financial advisor
Professional advisor, with 5+ years of experience offering his financial advisory expertise to technology companies in Silicon Valley and beyond. Has been a part of Deutsche Bank's Semiconductor Equity Research team and Comerica Bank's Technology and Life Sciences group.
Ruslan Trif
Economical logic advisor
An expert with 15+ years of experience in trading, consulting, risk management, and brokerage within investment companies in global markets (US, EU, Asia, EM, Russia), including equities, derivatives, FI, FX, REPO, Crypto.
Zauri Kharebava
Business Development Manager
International lawyer and a business development manager with more than 12 years of experience working in the industry. Responsible for the legal side of the project, expert market research, business processes management, risk mitigation, partnership establishment, business development strategies, and more.
Serghei Istratenko
UI/UX designer
A weathered graphic designer and a true expert that has experience working with about every imaginable branch of design, including interfaces, dashboards, mobile applications, corporate websites, landing pages, and more.

2021 Roadmap

Coordination of ideas, determination of the protocol development vector, and business logic creation.
Financial and economic consulting, advice adoption.
Smart contract development.
Rendering layouts, creation of the unified corporate design, branding, and rebranding.
Abstention from launching on the Ethereum blockchain due to high gas fees at that moment, rewriting smart contracts for the Polygon sidechain network.
Argano synthetic dollar logic creation, code implementation, and testing.
Adjustment of the same logic for the Argano synthetic bitcoin, testing.
Dashboard visual and technical improvements.

Development of the Argano personal account page for the portfolio management feature:

- P & L processing and storage of historical data

- Portfolio performance data

- Asset pool management functionality

dApp development, tests of smart contract interaction.
Testing, troubleshooting and error correctiondiv
Agreement with the leading blockchain security service, Obelisk, for the in-depth audit within the manual code review, static and on-chain analysis
The final stage of the smart contracts testing before going live
Pre-fundraising event preparations, strengthening of the new partnerships, and a rollout of the promotional marketing campaign.
Development of the other synthetic tokens and indices
Fundraising event launch with the following stages:

Fundraising event launch with the following stages:

-Seed stage investment

-Community public sale event

-Token distribution and vesting periods settlement

Protocol launch using fundraised resources for the initial liquidity support.
Analysis of the protocol state, determination of the possibility to migrate to Argano’s own DEX, development of the dedicated smart contracts.

Liquidity migration and primary DEX functionality:

-Basic spot trading functionality;

-Margin trading and Futures trading functionality creation within the gradual testing and implementation of the L2 solutions

-Creation of the logic for subsequent synthetic tokens following community requests, introducing new trading pairs.

Multifunctional management system development and implementation, reaching the level of centralized exchanges
Open-source code creation for connection through third-party services using API keys